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Electrical Installations

Florent Électrique is available in Montreal, in Quebec City and everywhere in the province of Quebec

Florent Électrique owns an extensive fleet of trucks, and employs all the qualified electricians to carry out all the stages of your construction, either in a new building or in an already existing property.

Overview of our electrical installations range of services:

Since we are active on all the Quebec territory, we are the best company to relocate your offices. Furthermore, we offer electrical installations maintenance services, as well as emergency services.

Electrical system installation

An electrical system that was installed by Florent Électrique is sure to provide you with reliable protection.

Our electricians have all the expertise necessary to bring about the required modifications to your electrical circuit, whether to increase your electrical capacity from 100 to 800 A, 347/600 V, with aerial or underground wiring, and for any case of low or medium voltage.

We can also ensure the electrical equipment wiring up, whether temporary or permanent, like the plugging of electrical power supply units (generator units).

Ducts and wiring

Our electricians are qualified to proceed to the following installations:

  • EMT conduits
  • Rigid conduits
  • P.V.C. conduits
  • Commercial fire alarm systems
  • Underground wiring
  • Required wiring in compliance with standards

AFurthermore, to meet your needs in computer wiring, our Cableflo International technicians can work in cooperation with our electricians. To learn more about Cableflo, visit the website at


For all your lighting needs, our Fluoratech Services d’Éclairage company is specialized in interior and exterior lighting, thanks to its fleet of cradle-trucks. Our electricians can do the work in collaboration with Fluoratech’s technicians to proceed to all wire pluggings.

To save you money and energy, our experts have followed a specific training, enabling them to calculate your energy consumption and give you judicious advice. They will install the recommended lighting products for you, in an efficient and safe manner, in addition to provide you with an added value in environmental ethics.

For all your specific needs in commercial lighting, please visit the Fluoratech Service d’éclairage, at

Electrical heating

We can also act as counsellors to maximize your commercial electrical heating systems.

We can install various types of heating systems, like convectors, radiant heating units, auto-regulated heating units, etc.

Our service center staff will be pleased to answer all your questions. Call now at (450) 625-8000 or at the free of charge number at 1-866-625-8008.

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